Carbon fiber is the material of choice for aerospace applications where strength to weight ratios are critical. However, even aerospace is cost sensitive and Seriforge is reducing costs and developing innovative techniques for reduced waste, better quality, and tighter tolerances using our 3D Carbon Fiber net shape preforming technology.


Vehicle designers continuously look for ways to reduce weight without sacrificing safety and performance. Seriforge’s automated 3D carbon fiber preforming process is designed for mass production, where precision and repeatibility are required.  Our unique Z axis fiber reinforcement system also provides increased damage tolerance and strength after impact.  With varying cross-sections and thickness, and placing Z axis fibers exactly where needed, designers have control to create laminate designs that optimize weight and strength.

Sporting Goods

Carbon fiber is the preferred material for making lightweight and strong products such as bikes, tennis rackets, skates etc. However, poor inter-laminar shear properties of traditional 2D pre-pregs or hand laminates are not enough for high impact or repetitive motions. Seriforge’s 3D carbon fiber net shape preforming technology addresses these short-comings by introducing non-crimp Z axis stitching where needed to improve the performance.


Seriforge’s 3D carbon fiber preforming process reduces the cost of traditional pre-preg layup by eliminating costly hand cutting and manual layup of plies. Our automated process reduces costs and errors, while delivering better quality and repeatibility in high performance, strength critical structural applications.

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